Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use these assets?

The assets are best used in Film, TV and Games. But can also be used to for advertising and illustration.  For 3D applications, these assets can be dragged and dropped into a scene to populate backgrounds or to set dress. For 2D applications, the assets can be tumbled in any direction to achieve a good angle for your usage or reference to draw from.

Can I share purchased assets?

No, we don't allow sharing. We work hard to produce these assets and we encourage everyone to purchase their own copies. This helps support our team to keep producing more assets and expanding our library.

Am I able to get a refund?

No, all sales are final. We recommend downloading a free asset to see how it fits into your project first, before making a purchase.


I am looking for a certain asset but there is nothing similar on the website?

Please drop us a line at info@bassoassets.com and request our team to expand the library to the category/assets you feel we are missing.

The scan I downloaded has problems, what do I do?

Notify us at info@bassoassets.com.  Please provide a detailed report, so we can resolve this as soon as possible!


How can I reach out to Baso Assets?

Please send your requests to info@basoassets.com
Or visit our contact page